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								Proposed amendments May 2015


Throughout this document, the term “all students” refers to all high school students in the Anglophone School Districts.

The term council will refer to whatever the school structure is for “leadership”.

Renamed: New Brunswick Provincial Student Council

ARTICLE I – Name of the Organization

The name of this organization is the New Brunswick Student Leadership Association.

ARTICLE II – General Purpose and Objectives

Objectives of the New Brunswick Student Leadership Association (NBSLA):

a) To provide a voice for all high school students in New Brunswick.

b) To provide and maintain communication between the Association, students and their Councils, the Districts and Province.

c) To maintain an image as well as structure and constitution which may serve as an example to all students.

d) To provide representation for students’ rights, concerns, and overall interests.

      i. The association will give emphasis to the needs of students.

e) To be a co-operative and pro-active organization in education.

      i. The council will be prepared to work with all organizations, which concern student affairs.
      ii. The organization may include, appropriate district committees, and the Department of Education 
      and Early Childhood Development.

f) To support equally all students in each Anglophone School District regardless of size or location.

g) To promote and encourage effective communication on a district level.

ARTICLE III – Membership

All high school students in New Brunswick are members.

ARTICLE IV – Officers and Representatives

Each year at the provincial conference, 2-student representative will be selected from each former district.

At the first meeting of the provincial student council in the fall, this group will select a Vice-President/President-elect and a secretary /treasurer and a VP of Communications. All should be from grade 11. The following year, the Vice President will 
automatically become President.

If there is no grade 11 representative for Vice-President, each district will nominate and write a description of students who 
they feel are eligible. The Provincial Student Council will select a Vice-President from these written nominations.

The Vice-President/President-elect and the Secretary/Treasurer and Communications will automatically return to the annual
conference the following year.

Officers of the council shall be:

Student representatives – 2 students from each of the former school districts.

President (elected in the previous year)

Secretary/Treasurer (elected in the previous year)

VP Communications (elected in previous year)

ARTICLE V – Duties of Officers

The President shall:

   • Promote good public relations between the Provincial Student Council and the school districts, all high schools in 
the province and the general public.

   • Communicate with the district reps to inform High School Councils on a regular basis.

   • Be the spokesperson for any activity involving the New Brunswick Student Leadership Association.

   • Preside at all regular and special meetings of the New Brunswick Student Leadership Association.

   • Have no vote except in the event of a tie.

   • Support all Provincial Student Council activities.

   • Ensure that all documentation is passes on to the president elect at the end of his/her term.

The Vice President/President elect shall:

   • Promote good public relations between the Provincial Student Council and schools districts, all high schools and 
the general public.

   • Become familiar with all Provincial Student Council policies, the provincial student council constitution and any pertinent documentation.

   • Perform the duties of the President in the case of his/her temporary absence, or temporary disability.

The Secretary shall:

   • Promote good public relations between the Provincial Student Leadership Council and school districts, all high schools and the general public.

   • Be the Custodian of the constitution, by-laws, minutes, policies and Correspondence.

   • Take attendance at all meetings and keep a record of the attendance.

The VP of Communications

   • Shall maintain regular communication between New Brunswick Student Leadership Association and District Reps.

   • Communicate with the NBTA Communication Director monthly to highlight an SRC event in the Province (equal representation 
from all districts).

   • Maintain any social media forms of communication New Brunswick Student Leadership Association.

   • Send out Press Releases for all things relating to the Provincial Conference.

District Representative

   • Communicate with local newspapers to highlight Student Council Events.
   • Communicate with all schools in their district.
   • Attend all general New Brunswick Student Leadership Association meetings.
   • Promote/encourage/organize District mini – conferences (virtual or face to face).
   • All documentation will be passed on to the following years director.

ARTICLE VI - Meetings

The New Brunswick Student Leadership Association will meet at the annual conference and at the Spring Business meeting. 
Attendance may be necessary at a District day and when it is deemed necessary during the school year.

ARTICLE VII - Order of Business

At every regular council meeting, the order of business shall be as follows:

1. Meeting called to order-and Announcements
2. Adoption of agenda
3. Adoption of minutes of the last meeting
4. Adoption of Treasurer’s report
5. Report from Standing Committees
6. Report from Special Committees
7. Unfinished Business-Business arising from Minutes
8. New Business
9. Adjournment

ARTICLE VIII – Committees

Committees will be established according to council needs.

ARTICLE IX – Parliamentary Authority

If there is discussion on a point of order in the meetings, Robert’s Rules of Order will apply.

ARTICLE X – Adoption and Amendment Procedures

Quorum will be 50% plus 1 of all High Schools in the Province.
This constitution may be amended by a ¾ vote at any meeting of the NBSLA . Written notification of amendments must be 
circulated to all student councils at least one month prior to the meeting at which the amendments are to be ratified.

ARTICLE XI – Notice of Meetings

Notification of meeting and agenda items should be circulated to all school district representatives for distribution to all 
student councils members in their respective school district at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting.


The Council will establish necessary bylaws as the organization and administration needs advance.

Passed at the Youth Leadership Conference, St. Andrews NB, October 5, 1993

Amended in Fredericton NB, October 25, 1995

Amended in St. Andrews NB, October 21, 2000

Amended in St. Andrews NB, October 19, 2002